OptoMotive is specialised in developing and manufacturing specific and demanding optomechatronic systems. With its wide team of highly qualified engineers and its close links to Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Ljubljana OptoMotive offers innovative FPGA based high performance modular intelligent ready-made cameras and also tailor-made FPGA vision solutions.

OptoMotive Competences

OptoMotive is specialized in high performance FPGA-based modular intelligent high-speed cameras with integrated image processing and develops FPGA architectures for various vision and metrology applications.

As FPGA offers massive computational force at a low power and at reduced costs, they offer extremely short reaction time in closed loop control systems. For this reason they are the most suitable technology for combination with fast growing sensor’s speeds and resolutions.

OptoMotive assortment of modular high-speed intelligent cameras Cameleon, Camelopard and Velociraptor with its flexible architecture covers wide array of uses. Thanks to built-in large FPGAs these cameras are innovative components for demanding real-time machine vision in industrial and other applications.

OptoMotive Quality Management

OptoMotive is controlling all sequences of operations with continuous improvements in efficiency and reliability, to optimize quality management of operations and processes. Thanks to company’s flexibility OptoMotive can quickly detect any deviations and immediately takes required countermeasures. By using online tool for managing projects on company’s server, OptoMotive guarantees to all members of its team in every moment all essential information on related projects.

OptoMotive Technical Service

  • Providing the industry with most innovative Machine Vision systems is the aim of OptoMotive’s service.
  • You can choose from our existing range of various IP cores, hardware and software solutions.
  • Or you can employ our competent development team to provide you with solutions that most suit your needs.

OptoMotive Technical Support

By delivering competent technical support, OptoMotive ensures its customers complete and reliable after sales service.

OptoMotive’s concept of joining large FPGAs, high-performance imaging sensors and image processing within the FPGA, is positioning company’s cameras Cameleon, Camelopard and even more so Velociraptor, way ahead all the rest and way ahead into the future!

Video presentation of the company

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