Applications Aerospace and airport

Aerospace comprises the atmosphere of Earth and surrounding space. Typically the term is used to refer to the industry that researches, designs, manufactures, operates, and maintains vehicles moving through air and space. In most industrial countries, the aerospace industry is a cooperation of public and private industries. Many companies produce technical tools and components such as spaceships and satellites.

On the other hand, Airports are facilities that ensure the transport of people and goods via air and are directly connected to the Aerospace industry. Airports are also the link to the other modes of transport, road and rail. In order to fulfill this function, the airport operators must provide the necessary airport infrastructure. Depending on the size of the airport, this could include terminal buildings, air cargo terminals, hangars for aircraft maintenance, facilities for the purpose of air and ground traffic control or vehicles for the execution of ground-based flight operations.

Beside above mentioned there is another aerospace activity, not so familiar and known to many people: High-altitude balloons, unmanned balloons usually filled with helium or hydrogen that are released into the stratosphere, generally reaching between 18 to 37 km. Those balloons generally contain electronic equipment such as radio transmitters, cameras or satellite navigation systems, such as GPS receivers. We are proud to take a part of such an experiment. We had a great opportunity to send our camera to the stratosphere and to take photos of outer space. The result of that adventure can be seen on the photos bellow.

Beside the standard applications, the aerospace and airport industry can use machine vision in a variety of tasks, such as:

  • space science,
  • earth observation and environmental monitoring,
  • star trackers,
  • handling and sorting of baggage,
  • positioning, protection and operation of storage and retrieval systems,
  • loading of cargo,
  • container identification,
  • measuring systems equipped with laser scanners to ensure that every centimeter of storage space is used,
  • passenger boarding bridges control,
  • aircraft docking systems control,
  • aircraft tugs control,
  • and many more.
One picture is worth a thousand words.Albert Einstein
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