Applications Defense and military

OPTOMOTIVE is present also in a strategic sector like the Defense & Military, where cameras could be placed into UAV, weapons guidance, targeting and navigation systems, and other devices.

In order to satisfy the various requests coming form customers focused on the Defense & Military sector, we are able to process standard and special FPGA-based cameras for a different applications.

OptoMotive cameras are well suited for military imaging systems. FPGAs are nowadays widely used in this field where low volume and constant improvement surpasses the usage of fixed system architecture (ASIC etc.). Common military applications with our cameras are UAVs, Navigation and Targeting Systems.

The most often tasks performed by our cameras are:

  • range and ballistic studies,
  • explosion and detonation studies,
  • hydroshock dynamics,
  • shockwave dynamics,
  • ammunition studies,
  • navigation systems,
  • targeting systems,
  • UAV – unmanned aerial vehicles,
  • weapons guidance,
  • customer specific applications,
  • etc.
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