Applications Consumer goods

Retailing, distribution, manufacturing and the supply chain that links them together have seen recent significant change. New sales channels and the continuing drive for globalisation have placed increasing pressure on the consumer goods industry.

Consequently there has been a continuing drive to re-engineer consumer goods production lines with the aim of establishing major efficiencies. This investment has affected strategies, structures, operations, and systems throughout production.

Companies in the industry need to deliver the right high quality products to market, at the right time and at the right price while maintaining profit margins.

Our experts will help you achieve sustainable improvements to your performance. We will accompany you from concept to successful implementation. Our project teams consist of experts for special methods and solutions and of industry specialists. It is the successful combination of innovative approaches with best practices from our extensive experience in the field of consulting and innovative products as a result of in-house know-how and R&D department.

The most common applications our cameras can be used for, are:

  • product sizes and colors verification,
  • bar code and text reading,
  • label inspection,
  • component positioning inspection,
  • solder paste quality inspection,
  • dimensional accuracy verification,
  • pick & place applications,
  • automated filling lines control,
  • sorting of products,
  • fill level inspection,
  • control of bottle cap placement,
  • foreign objects inspection,
  • package integrity,
  • and many others.
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